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ego burising

Here you can speak freely, as we are committed to letting everyone be heard. Moralisms and censorship only perpetuate denial. Many people have never been able to speak their actual experience and be heard in their entire lives.

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ego burising

Postby Becoming Other » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:50 pm

https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Magick-Tw ... hael+kraig

Reading above Donald Michael Kraig. He really is a good writer. Part of it is his extensive studies in mainstream philosophy. Most occultists and new agers lack this, and so what they write lacks intellectual credibility.

But here I note something in particular, page 188. He writes of being a 'certified Tarot Grandmaster', and of doing readings at psychic fairs. He says that usually at least once for each fair he is approached by a young woman, often with a baby, and telling him something like,

'When I started living with _____, he was very good to me. We have two wonderful children. But after a few years he started drinking, running around with other women, and beating me and the kids. Well, I took this for three years. Then, I finally packed up the kids, moved out, and got a job. About six months later I met a really nice guy. He moved in with the kids and me. But recently he has started drinking, funning around with other women, and hitting me and the kids. What can I do to make him nice again?'

And then Kraig writes, "Of course, there are similar situations with men, only they usually tend to allow themselves to be manipulated until they can no longer take the ego bruising rather than being physically abused. Sometimes, people will tell me the same story has happened to them four or five times."
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