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Kabbalah and Dion Fortune

Here you can speak freely, as we are committed to letting everyone be heard. Moralisms and censorship only perpetuate denial. Many people have never been able to speak their actual experience and be heard in their entire lives.

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Kabbalah and Dion Fortune

Postby Becoming Other » Sat May 13, 2017 2:31 pm

Dion Fortune, writing to Israel Regardie, she says that for her Kabbalah work, she used Aleister Crowley's 777. This does not though mean she was going along with Thelema. She never did. Its just that Crowley did a good job of outing all the good stuff from Golden Dawn. So also did Regardie, and she speaks very highly of his books.

https://www.amazon.com/Other-Qabalistic ... rowley+777

And also Fortune says she used Mathers's MSS. Mathers published lots of books, many being translations, and like his "Kabbalah Unveiled". But I don't know what this MSS is.

Oh, I guess it is this:

and here:

Today lots and lots of books that explain about everything from Golden Dawn.

This Francis King has written lots of books.
https://www.amazon.com/Ritual-Magic-Gol ... B001JSDHMK

About Fortune and her anti-Nazi occultism, I think it is always going to be like that. If you meditate on an evil foe, they it always does bring you into occult realms. Must be like that for LE when they are trying to get inside the head of a serial killer. I have heard that they have a mandatory rotation, as if one person spends too many years doing it, it will drive them nuts.

And likewise, anyone trying to fight against the political right, like say the Any Rand followers, as they meditate on the other side and try to understand how they think, they will be entering into an occult realm.

Will be reading:
https://www.amazon.com/Liber-Null-Psych ... inw_strp_1

I read this about a year ago. Small book. Used to be photo copied hand out in North London. Considered the foundational book for Chaos Magic. But a year ago I was not ready to read it. Now I am. I go along with some of it, but not all.
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