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My Kinda Guy, Donald Trump

current status of efforts to hold parents legally accountable for their own Bad Faith

My Kinda Guy, Donald Trump

Postby Becoming Other » Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:30 pm

So I guess I will be voting for Trump. He knows how to handle beautiful women. More than that, he knows how to use his wealth and power to get what he wants. Just saw the video.

http://www.democracynow.org/2016/10/10/ ... _boasts_of

My life objective is not to live as a Pathetic Loser, but to live like King Herod the Great.

PS: If you want to see men stripping for women and women paying them for sex, it would have to be in a matriarchal society, where the women control the wealth and power and collect harems of men and use men as concubines and odalisques. I for one am glad that it is not that way.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Theor ... sure_Class
The subjugation of women: Because women were spoils of war captured by raiding barbarians, in contemporary society, the unemployed housewife is an economic trophy that attests to a man's socio-economic prowess. In having a wife without an independent economic life (a profession, a trade, a job) a man can display her unemployed status as a form of his conspicuous leisure and as an object of his conspicuous consumption.

"The Beginnings of Ownership"
The captives taken under rude conditions are chiefly women. There are
good reasons for this. Except where there is a slave class of men, the women are
more useful, as well as more easily controlled, in the primitive group. Their
labor is worth more to the group than their maintenance, and as they do not
carry weapons, they are less formidable than men captives would be. They serve
the purpose of trophies very effectually, and it is therefore worth while for
their captor to trace and keep in evidence his relation to them as their captor.
To this end he maintains an attitude of dominance and coercion toward women
captured by him; and, as being the insignia of his prowess, he does not suffer
them to stand at the beck and call of rival warriors. They are fit subjects for
command and constraint; it ministers to both his honor and his vanity to
domineer over them, and their utility in this respect is very great. But his
domineering over them is the evidence of his prowess, and it is incompatible
with their utility as trophies that other men should take the liberties with his
women which serve as evidence of the coercive relation of captor.

"The Barbarian Status of Women"
All the women in the group will share in the class repression and depreciation
that belongs to them as women, but the status of women taken from hostile groups
has an additional feature. Such a woman not only belongs to a subservient and
low class, but she also stands in a special relation to her captor. She is a
trophy of the raid, and therefore an evidence of exploit, and on this ground it
is to her captor's interest to maintain a peculiarly obvious relation of mastery
toward her. And since, in the early culture, it does not detract from her
subservience to the life of the group, this peculiar relation of the captive to
her captor will meet but slight, if any, objection from the other members of the
group. At the same time, since his peculiar coercive relation to the woman
serves to mark her as a trophy of his exploit, he will somewhat jealously resent
any similar freedom taken by other men, or any attempt on their part to parade a
similar coercive authority over her, and so usurp the laurels of his prowess,
very much as a warrior would under like circumstances resent a usurpation or an
abuse of the scalps or skulls which he had taken from the enemy.
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