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need to build a base and be able to strike

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need to build a base and be able to strike

Postby Becoming Other » Wed May 23, 2012 10:39 pm

BO to Forum, the need to build a base and be able to strike

I am reading a book written by someone diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, and he really believes that he has "it". I read the book and I cannot see it. He talks about a lack of social skills and a lack of communications skills. I read his stories and I find most of them anecdotal. I see someone with high level communications and social skills. I also see some exceptional intellectual abilities as well as enough grey matter to seceded from herd sociability. So I don't see any "defect".

I also see that his parents were both people who might similarly be deemed "different". Now here is the rub, the parents were each very damaged over non-acceptance of their own differentness. And further, they took this out on their son, in their own rejection of him.

So if the son has difficulties manifesting his greatness, its because of rejection by his parents, and also from other parents and their children, and also from the school system and from the psychiatric profession, and from the government which is failing to act responsibly in interceding.

Now I have spoken much about the need to strike at people's parents, to inflict severe consequences and make examples of them. I need here to clarify. Usually this redress does not happen because people practice denial systems like Live and Let Live and Self-Reliance. But this is not always the case. Sometimes parents have already cheated justice by dying. Sometimes they have taken the Hermann Goring exit, suicide, or other self-destruction. Where possible, they should be blocked, so that justice can still be applied.

But severe actions against one's parents are only part of the solution. There also needs to be intervention. The boy should have been exposed to adult worlds which gave him an identity outside of the family. There should have been some force used upon the parents, "either listen or else." Eventually, though I won't call it force, intervention did happen and it was effective. But most of all, this boy should not have been forced to live in the small limited social world he found himself in. That fact this his parents eventually divorced was probably a big factor in them each admitting fault and trying to make amends. Where this divorce doesn't happen, the child can remain the scape goat forever.

In lots of cases, actions against parents are most definitely called for. Actions must occur, and they must be made into public examples. Clearly they having a claim on moral righteousness, being financially solvent, and continuing to scape goat the child, are strong elements in the decision that severe redress is called for.

Those of us who reject the exploitation of the family system must band together and start inflicting some consequences. Otherwise we will always be beaten down by those preaching Recovery, Therapy, Self-Reliance, and Motivationalism, and Religion. Only when we can claim victories, will we have a defensible social niche. If we want this niche, then we have to band together and we have to build it and we have to defend it.

What I am calling for fits in with the concept of Direct Action.

I am impressed by groups like Sea Shepard.

But I also want to make it clear that I am repulsed by the sort of American liberals who misappropriate Gandhi's concept of non-violence and use that to decline all conflict and to promote live and let live. Like Cornell West says of Gandhi, "Non-violence was a tactic, not a strategy. He practiced non-violence as he always had a violent option available."

I am now learning about guerrilla war from someone who spent time in the British military in Northern Ireland, so he knows what it is like to be a target for snipers. Such sniping is not really about killing people, that is secondary. Rather it is about showing that one is not afraid to do it, and about making all the populace into accomplices. This same thing comes out in de Beauvior's Blood of Others. These same principles apply in the organizing for all conflicts.

Generally I cannot stand the people who come out for protests and such, the Liberal Camp. To me, these people are something similar to the Recovery / Therapy camp. I don't want any association. They strike me as moralistic idiots. When it comes to things like the Occupy Movement, certainly I support the objectives, but that does not mean I want to be using my time to do that.

I never wanted to run any forums such as these. I knew that I did not yet have a real message. I knew that I reject the Recovery Movement's message. But there was a problem in the ourchildhood groups ( a name a detest ) and I do still draw from the early Alice Miller. So here today I am still trying to come up with that message.

So to come up with a message and a way to recruit, its necessary to learn from the left. I have always argued that the Recovery Movement, and particularly 12 step groups, draw people with conservative political and social views. Others contest this. Yet in so doing they demonstrate that they are so ignorant that they don't even know this of themselves.

So for me too, it is necessary to learn more about the left, both historical and contemporary.

Learning about this:
Full text online links listed.

Here too, from the Berkeley Pacifica Station:

Angela Davis

Michael Hardt
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioopkopp ... B6E18F2A74

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Ey5ioS ... E6992A640E

Alexandra Kollanti
Much is written about her and she has written much herself. A complex figure. She wanted to abolish the family. She became Lenin's first commissioner of women's affairs. Then she was his ambassador to Sweden and is credited with keeping Sweden out of the conflict between Finland and the USSR and hence keeping Sweden from becoming part of the Axis.

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Re: need to build a base and be able to strike

Postby kris » Sat May 26, 2012 8:34 pm

Every time I think about the possibility of striking back at ones parents I remember and think about the fact that it seems as if it is still possible for parents to treat their children as if they are their property because the penalties are still not stiff enough when parents abuse. In fact, abuse is still acceptable under certain circumstances because the definition of abuse continues to be different depending upon where one lives. In Canada where I live, the penalties for abuse against children are a joke. Too many times people are basically slapped lightly for crimes against children and I know this is true in many places in our world. We can't even get laws to be passed that outlaw spanking. The complete control that parents seem to have over their children makes me sick. Too many adults are still in denial about their own childhoods and many of course continue to use the same kind of parenting that they themselves suffered. Mothers are still thought of as saints even when we have recognized that this is a lie and until humans are willing to face the truth about all of these things and more, I do not see how we can ever begin to find a way to hold each and every parent responsible for how they treat their children. Power often resides with those who often are the worst in terms of how they see their roles as parents. Too often it is the least powerless in our society that know the real truths but it is those who are affluent and most powerful who make the laws and it seems to be most difficult to find enough people who will help make the changes that are needed. Family is everything in society as it is now and until that changes it will be very difficult I would think to find ways to strike back.
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