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fighting back against the Family System?

Here you can speak freely, as we are committed to letting everyone be heard. Moralisms and censorship only perpetuate denial. Many people have never been able to speak their actual experience and be heard in their entire lives.

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fighting back against the Family System?

Postby Becoming Other » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:33 pm

just posted else where:

I'm a new member. As I see it, religion is more than anything else about power. Its economic power, social power, and political power. As this plays out with the Abrahamic Faiths, it mostly a using of the Family System.

self reliance ethic

This is a post I made where I show a list used by a law firm of the likely adult symptoms of childhood sexual abuse. But really its a list of likely factors in the life of anyone who has been used by the Family System.

Its also the same list that people and parents use to denigrate. So more than anything, religion and the Family System seem to be about the self-reliance ethic. Now of course that is un-biblical, but that is not a direction I am going to argue here.

So what I want is not healing or recovery. I want emancipation. I want a collective movement to strike back against the Family System. This movement should include political activism, and also legal actions.

So I want to know right now, who is leading the fight? Who is taking actions against the Family System. By that I don't just mean against one persons parents, but actions against the entire social and political system, bringing its power into check. Who is trying to find ways to fight, instead of seeking enlightenment, recovery, or salvation.

Who is doing it, because I want to team up with them?

fascinating video

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